Balance mind, body and spirit through massage therapy. Create well being and increase creativity, peacefulness, and awareness. Our highly skilled massage therapists will give the perfect treatment for your needs and preference.

Whether you come for a specific problem or you just want to relax,massage therapy can help reduce the effects of aching muscles, joint pain, headaches, arthritis and insomnia 60 minutes $80, 90 minutes $110

*Price listed are per treatment. GST is not included.

Traditions (Swedish)

The benefits of healing the body, mind and spirit through touch are a tradition within nearly every culture. Using long smooth strokes to relax muscles and stimulate the circulatory system, each point of soothing, therapeutic massage melts away stress and tension, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. This massage consists of light to medium pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic treatment involves deep, slow strokes and pressure points to access the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Benefits of deep tissue massage include relief of chronic pain and muscle tension.

Sports Massage

Involving a combination of traditional Swedish massage, stretching and enhanced range of motion, this massage is most beneficial just before or after sports.